Sharon T. Simpson | Family Portrait Session - Lake Massabesic, NH

Family Portrait Session - Lake Massabesic, NH

June 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

As much as we can plan for tomorrow, you never know what tomorrow will bring. That can be exhilaratingly exciting or worryingly apprehensive. The anticipation of what tomorrow brings can be the difference in attitude of your glass being half empty or half full. 

More importantly we cannot get back yesterday! Less than a year ago I spoke with a young mother who had recently lost her husband. She told me that she was planning on booking a family portrait session with me and was terribly distraught that those visual memories would now be lost forever.

If you are planning a portrait session, or if it’s on the back burner, constantly on your ‘to-do’ list – don’t wait! Pick up the phone or drop me an email. Book your session now, capture the moment and live every day to the max!

Mary was one of those people, you know the ones (I’m one too) – she said,  “as a plus size girl, I am more comfortable being behind the camera not in front of it”. I have heard many an excuse, (and I throw my hands up in guilt too!) - “I don’t like having my picture taken”, “I always look terrible in pictures”, among others. 

Mary, however, put her family first and realized that it was important to have family portraits, to capture the moments, the memories, the personalities and the relationships. As Mary's family received news of Steve's diagnosis it made her rethink that whole philosophy. Their family is all about love and there is no better time to capture it……… here are a few from the Pispitsos Family Session.



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