For as long as I can remember, capturing every special occasion on film has always engrossed and captivated me. I get totally lost in the moment and still now with a camera in my hand every day is a special occasion and another opportunity to shoot.
Today my camera is digital and my darkroom is now on my computer, but the concept is still the same. My personal passion for photography turned into study when I began a photography program at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2004, graduating in the summer of 2008.

Being a wife and mother of two daughters keeps me on my toes. Balancing the two important things in my life can get tough, but having a content family and happy clients are both privileges that I intent to live up to. I have always been a hopeless romantic and when I asked to second shoot a wedding in early 2009, after the initial trepidation of the unknown and the pressure of capturing a couple's special day, by the time the day was over I was hooked. Every wedding is individual and a pleasure to be a part of.

Sharing in those special moments, capturing them for eternity is something I believe is an honor. I strive not only to be a photographer, but a storyteller. Capturing timeless pieces of art you'll want to treasure forever. Here is what it's like to work with me.