For as long as I can remember, capturing every special occasion on film has always engrossed and captivated me. I get totally lost in the moment and still now with a camera in my hand every day is a special occasion and another opportunity to shoot.
Today my camera is digital and my darkroom is now on my computer, but the concept is still the same. My personal passion for photography turned into study when I began a photography program at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2004, graduating in the summer of 2008.

I have always been a hopeless romantic and when I asked to second shoot a wedding in early 2009, after the initial trepidation of the unknown and the pressure of capturing a couple's special day, by the time the day was over I was hooked. Every wedding is individual and a pleasure to be a part of and sharing in those special moments, capturing them for eternity was an honour.

I have always strived not only to be a photographer, but a storyteller. Capturing timeless pieces of art, you'll want to treasure forever. When the pandemic hit in 2020 things changed as they did for many of us, and I had to look for ways for express my artistry. From this came two things, my love for photographing women to uplift and empower them at any age, shape or size through Boudoir portraiture. Secondly came my love for the magic of digital artistry. This has been a fun filled venture limited only by my and your imagination.  Metamorphosised is the transition of your portrait to an art piece filled with excitement, make-believe, limited only by artistic vision. Let the fantasy begin!

Take a look at some before and after images and be transported into the world of Metamorphosised.