The wedding day is over; you've worked so hard for months to pull this day together, make it perfect, reflect your personalities as a couple and now you are married you're ready for that honeymoon, ready to relax and enjoy each other again without the stress of pulling together a wedding day.

Now is the time to design and create your wedding album. Together we will produce a memory of your day that you will share with family and friends, as well as generations to come. This can be an overwhelming task for many, but together it can be done. I will help you every step of the way.

Here are a few pointers to get you started

Step one: Go to your online gallery and create a favorites folder

Step two: Add your chosen images to your favorites folder (around 45 images), covering all of your wedding day to tell the story of your day - this is the hard part!

Step three: Share your favorites folder with me.

Step four: sit back while I design the beautiful pages of your album.

Step five: After two weeks watch out for an email with the proof.


Album - FAQ

Can I have more than 45 images in my album? The quick answer is yes, but let me explain. You have two options:

1. You can try and squeeze more images into your album pages, but the images will be smaller and have much less impact. I would advise against this.

2. You can add more pages to your album. Depending on the page size of your album the page vary in price from $15 - $35 per 2 page spread.

How do I choose? I can't do this? Don't panic. Lots of clients don't know where to start. We can get together and do the process together. In fact these are usually the clients who have their albums turned around quickest. They are getting the expert advice they need, questions are answered on the spot and decisions made instantly. Is this you? Call or email now...let's set up a time.

Which pictures do I choose? This can be hard if you do not have a vision for your album. Albums should tell a story of your day. Some getting ready, some from your ceremony, some of you together and a few formal; your bridal party and your close family if you want. Then the highlights of your reception.

I have a picture that I love and want to make it a double page spread. Can I do that? Absolutely! Just tell me which one. Ideally we should have 1-5 images per double page spread.