Being Prepared - Having those Details Ready


For the most part, one of the first things I will photograph on arriving the day of your wedding is the details: your, shoes, jewelry, any heirlooms that have been handed down through generations or 'borrowed' items from moms, siblings or friends. And of course your dress, flowers and the rings if they happen to be with you.


 Having other important details handy like the invitation suite, personal letters anything that has importance or history to you.

Detail shots are made up of items that are meaningful to you and that will vary from person to person. I do not bring any props with me, but I search for items within your environment to make the detail shots personal to you. I may go in search of a mirror, use the maid-of-honors clutch or a magazine you have lying around. I am always looking for the 'sparkly' items, reflective and/or interesting items and those that are meaningful.