Frequently Asked Questions


When do I need to pay? Payment must be included with the order form on picture day by cash or checks made payable to Sharon T. Simpson Photography.


Can I pay by credit card? Yes, but all credit card payments must be paid online before picture day. Contact me at [email protected] to arrange for an invoice.


If i pay by credit card does my child still need to bring in the order form on picture day? Yes, the order form has all the background information on it required on the day.


I don't want to order a package, just a few prints. can I do that? Absolutely. Packages are more economical, but you can certainly order a la carte if you prefer.


Can I just order a class picture? Yes, just complete part one and three on the order form.


How do I proof the pictures? The instructions for proofing and your password is on the order form ; the part you retain, so keep it in a safe place. If you would like to be notified when you child's pictures are ready to view just put your email address on the order form.


What if I lose my password? No problem! Drop me a quick email and i can email it to you.


I don't like the pictures......what now? No problem. That's why we have re-take day. Your original pictures will be deleted and we will start over. Retakes will be taken using the same background as the original pictures.


How do i sign my child up for re-takes? Email me with your child's name and put 'retake' in the subject line.


I know which picture I want to use for my child's pictures. How do i let you know? You need to email me and include:

Your Child's Name

The image #you would like


How do I find the image number? The image number is located in the upper right corner of the online image. The number will appear when you hover your cursor over the image.


I saved the image I want to use as 'my favorite', am I all set? No, the image is your favorite. I cannot see your favorite selection unless you share it with me.


What if my child is absent on picture day? If your child is sick on picture day, we can take their pictures on re-take day. If your child's pictures are scheduled on a day they are not usually in school, then please feel free to bring them in. Email me to see what time would be best.


How many images can I use in a package? The single child packages (packages A,B & C) are all one image packages. If you order a la carte options you can chose different images for all the a la carte options.


Can I add to my order later once I proof them? Absolutely, once you have seen the images online, just let me know what additional prints or products you would like and they can be added to the order.


When do i get the pictures? Fall pictures are guaranteed to be delivered by Thanksgiving. Just in time to share with the family and spring pictures are ready for Mother's Day.


Still have a question, then please feel free to email me. I will respond within 24hours.

Thank you