Sharon T. Simpson | Moving on to the Next Phase............Life without Jenn

Moving on to the Next Phase............Life without Jenn

May 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

        It sounds like I'm going through a divorce by the title of the blog, and it some ways it feels like that (not that I have even been divorced), but its the end of an era, but as sad as I am, I am excited to move on. My main assistant Jenn is leaving me :( . Today was bittersweet as we worked our last wedding together. She has been with me since the beginning, so its tough loosing her. Being a photographer's assistant is far from glamorous. On a wedding day we work long hours, we are on our feet all day, lugging gear around and most of the time it is those unsociable weekend hours, yet through it all we have a smile on our face, we enjoy every moment. So many clients over the years have mentioned how well we work together, but more than that she is my rock, she finishes my sentences, she knows my vision before I tell her and the big one........she knows how to totally ignore my 'wedding day stress' (yeah its like no other!!!). We are a team and I will miss her tremendously, but on to new adventures. I have two other assistants who are awesome and I know will fill these big shoes. We have had so much fun together through the sweat and stress, today you fluffed you last dress and posed that last bride. Jenn, enjoy your family time and your weekends - see you soon! Thanks for a beautiful friendship.


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